Amazing Digital Artists – My three favourite artists who work digitally.

Amazing Digital Artists | Deviate and Flourish Blog

I wrote in a recent post that I’ve been really loving mixing digital and traditional techniques in my work. Today I want to share with you three of my favourite artists who work digitally.

Pascal Campion

Pascal Campion Pascal Campion Pascal Campion Pascal Campion

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Lois Van Baarle – Loish


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Tubidu Graphics

tubidu graphicstubidu graphics tubidu graphics

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(The artist behind Tubidu Graphics actually draws out her images traditionally and adds colour digitally)

What I really love about these digital pieces of artwork is how ‘painterly’ and handmade they feel. They are full of texture and brushstrokes and hand drawn lines that really appeal to me. 

Two years to become a professional artist

Two years to become a professional artist | Deviate and Flourish Blog

The other day, on August 1st, I realised that I have exactly 2 years to become a professional artist. 731 days until I need to be making a full time living through my business. This realisation scared the crap out of me and gave me a major kick up the arse at the same time.

I was at my little sisters 1st birthday party. There were family members there who I hadn’t seen in ages. I knew the question was coming and I knew I’d have to answer it plenty of times before the day ended…

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Pretty and practical at home workspace (for less than £100)

Having a nice workspace can make all the difference when you’re working hard at reaching your goals. Although you shouldn’t let not having a dedicated workspace become an excuse to put off working towards your dream (guilty!), an appealing, organised area specifically for work can be really nice.

I’ve set up and rearranged my workspace about a million times and wasted plenty of time, energy and money on workspace solutions which just weren’t right.

After years of trial and error (seriously!) I’ve come to realise that a workspace needs to be a few things, and it doesn’t need to cost much to be those things.

In this post I’ll share with you my tips for creating a workspace that will save you time and money and allow you to be your most creative and efficient self, when you sit down to work…

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6 reasons you should try pre-mixing your paints

6 Reasons to mix your paints and choose your colour palette, before you start painting | Deviate&Flourish Blog

I shared in a recent post, how I’ve only just started painting again after stopping for over a year. When I started painting again a few months ago, I made some really simple yet crazy effective changes to my process. In this post I want to tell you about one of those changes.

Pre-mixing my Paints

The first of the changes I made was pre-mixing my paints. It’s completely changed my painting experience and has made the creative process so much more smooth and enjoyable. It has also lead to my paintings looking and feeling so much more harmonious. I think you’ll find it really helpful so I’ve put together a list of the 6 benefits I’ve experienced by pre-mixing my paints.

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