Colour Inspiration // 4: Dry Stone Wall


{HEX DETAILS ›› #8c796a #d8cdb9 #f0ede4 #5b6874 #283440}

I love making these colour palettes because its brilliant way to investigate colour. I’m always surprised by the hues I find in my photographs and it leads me to think more carefully about the colours I choose when making artwork. It can be so easy to fall into the trap of choosing the most obvious colours for our work, OR we can paint things the colour that we think they are, and wonder why our paintings look flat and boring. Exploring the colours in everyday things is a great way to start thinking differently about how you use colour.

There were also greens, yellows and greys in this beautiful drystone wall.

You should give this a go… not only will you learn about colours, you’ll have ready and waiting colour palettes for future work. Just take a photograph of something interesting, open it in photoshop (or a similar program) and use the ‘eyedropper’ tool to pick out pretty colours.

Kylie <3

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