designing the house that sails away and main characters

Before I go further with my research, I felt I needed to get to grips with drawing the main elements of the story. The house, and the main characters.

There’s a little boy, his grandma and a cat (as well as some other supporting characters butI’m not sure I’ll include them in the story).

I’m really, really inexperienced when it comes to drawing people and animals, it’s something I’ve actively avoided since I started making artwork in 201o. Partly because I just haven’t been interested in making that kind of work (I’ve always been interested in environments and buildings), and partly because its hard!

In my first year at Uni, I focused on ballerinas and realised just how hard drawing people is. Theres so much to think about. Proportions, anatomy, expression etc. Tricky business.

Anyway, after some encouragement from my tutors at Uni, I’m giving it a go. How will I know whether I want to make this kind of work if I never try it out?

Below are some of my refined initial sketches of the main characters and house. They need a lot of work but I was pretty pleased with them as a starting point.

little boyre-drawing again and again to see if I could get the character looking the same each time I drew him

Next I’m going to work on:

  • condensing the story down to it’s main plot points to help with planning what to illustrate.
  • decide what age range the illustrations will be aimed at.
  • start testing out traditional and digital methods of creating the illustrations.

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