HOW TO: Fix a dented stretched canvas – Even if you’ve already painted on it!

Hey there! I’ve got the simplest but TOTALLY life saving tutorial for you today. How to smooth out a stretched canvas, even if you’ve already finished your masterpiece.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE! Do NOT try this if you have used anything other than acrylic paint. I repeat – this method is for acrylic paintings ONLY!

Sorry for shouting, but I really don’t want to be responsible for destroying your beautiful artwork. So, you’ve painted your best piece to date… and dented it. Noooo! Relax. I’ve got you covered. This is soooo simple. The steps are as follows: how-to-fix-dented-stretched-canvas 1. Dents :( 2. Wet the back of the canvas. I either spray mine or run it under the tap. 3. Voila! Seriously, I do this repeatedly throughout the painting process. I’m constantly leaning on the canvas, especially if its a large painting. So every now and then I run the whole thing upside-down under the tap. Smooths it right out. I love it. Let me know if you try it! Kylie <3

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2 thoughts on “HOW TO: Fix a dented stretched canvas – Even if you’ve already painted on it!

  1. Oh my gosh!!! Thank you! Thank you! I have a beautiful oval canvas that I am itching to paint on. I found it had gotten dented in two spots, tho. Then I accidentally set it on a pair of scissors! Desperate, I turned to Pinterest. Your instructions worked like a charm!!

    1. Hi Dianne! Oh that’s great! So happy the tutorial helped you. So simple right? I use it pretty much everyday myself :) What do you paint?

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