Illustrator Lynne Chapman on creating her drawings for picture books

As you know, I’m working on first book illustration project – I found this video online recently where children’s book illustrator Lynne Chapman, describes her approach to illustrating a children’s book.

The process is as follows:

  • The publisher sends the basic text which Lynne reads and then decides whether she’d like to illustrate the story.
  • Once she has accepted the project, she goes through the text and considers how the story is broken down into pages. If she feels that any changes need to be made, she’ll let the publisher know.
  • She then asks the publisher to to reformat the text to the size and font that will appear in the final book. This will enable Lynne to easily place the text within her illustrations.
  • When starting her illustrations, she explains that she would usually work on large sheets of paper to plan out her illustrations but that she now works with thumbnail sketches which saves her lots of time.
  • Once she is happy with her thumbnail sketches, she scans them into the computer and enlarges them to the size that the final book will be.
  • She’ll then print the large sketches out and use layout paper, over the sketches, to refine the drawings and make any changes.
  • She’ll then scan these neater drawings into the computer again, make any digital changes she needs to (such as resizing, rotating or moving an elect of the image), adds gutter marks and sends to the publisher.
  • The editor, art director and designers then look at the images and give any feedback on anything that needs changing.

I’ll give this method of working a go when I come to making my illustrations.



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