new digital illustration

As you know, I’ve been working on a children’s book illustration project for Uni. Over the christmas break I worked on this piece. It’s a two-page spread showing the main character going to bed on an evening, then waking up and looking out of his bedroom window in the morning.

I wouldn’t call the piece is finished, but I’m not sure where to take it next… or whether I’ve already gone too far with it…


I’ve done a few fully digital pieces in the past, and I’ve made work that was a mix of both traditional and digital, but I’m definitely not that experienced in working digitally. One of the things that has put me off working digitally in the past was how flat my digital illustrations looked. I knew that texture could be added to digital illustrations, but I’ve not been too pleased with the results when I’ve tried it before.

One of my main goals with this piece was to experiment with textures and avoid a flat ‘digital’ look.


I decided to create a monochromatic image to try and simplify the process. I thought that getting to grips with working digitally and thinking about colours might too much at once.


In this piece, added texture in a few different ways. I used the ‘add noise’ filter to any flat colour or gradients, I created patterns such as dots, checks, stripes and the waves above, and I overlaid photo textures such as the wood texture on the bed frame above. In a future post I’ll share how I created these textures.

For now, I think I’m done with this piece. I’ve feel I’ve learnt all I can from it and I’d like to take what I’ve learnt and apply it to a completely new piece.

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