Pretty and practical at home workspace (for less than £100)

Having a nice workspace can make all the difference when you’re working hard at reaching your goals. Although you shouldn’t let not having a dedicated workspace become an excuse to put off working towards your dream (guilty!), an appealing, organised area specifically for work can be really nice.

I’ve set up and rearranged my workspace about a million times and wasted plenty of time, energy and money on workspace solutions which just weren’t right.

After years of trial and error (seriously!) I’ve come to realise that a workspace needs to be a few things, and it doesn’t need to cost much to be those things.

In this post I’ll share with you my tips for creating a workspace that will save you time and money and allow you to be your most creative and efficient self, when you sit down to work…

Clean, simple, distraction free – It hasn’t escaped my attention that every item on the list below is white. I’ve chosen white for a reason. Your work, the items you pin to your notice boards, favourite books etc will add plenty of colour and interest to your desk. Keeping the furniture and larger items white will allow you to add your own little touches without making the area look and feel messy. White also means you can change your colour scheme whenever you like, at no cost!

Organised and tidy – Tidy desk = Tidy mind. For me at least. A clean desk with everything in it’s rightful place, allows me to think clearly and stops me getting distracted.

If you have limited time to work on your creative passion, you’ll want your space, work and tools to be ready the minute you sit down. So you can make the most of your precious time. This is the reason I’ve included the drawers (which can sit next to or under the desk). This is the most expensive item on the list, even more than the desk, but I think they’re absolutely essential. You need space for your stuff. What’s the point in having a workspace that’s pretty but not practical? None.

I’ve gone the route of having my work things stored away in drawers or cupboards in other parts of the house, before, and it just didn’t work. You need everything to hand, in my opinion, to have the nicest, smoothest, most enjoyable and efficient work experience.

Yes, I’ve also included a bin. I questioned whether to add this but decided its essential, too. And something you’d probably forget otherwise. Then you’d end up making a lovely little pile of rubbish on the corner of your desk. Then accidentally knock that pile onto the floor. And leave it there. For weeks… Haha, you get the point. I’ve got two bins. One for recyclables and one for everything else. Lifesavers.

Inspirational and motivational – Treat yourself to a picture frame or two. Fill it with something inspirational. An art print, an inspirational quote, a picture of a loved one. Something to remind you why you’re working so hard towards achieving your dreams.

I’ve included three  notice boards, 1. because I like to buy things in threes and 2. because I have three and it’s awesome. I like to use each one for a different purpose. Plans and Ideas, Things To Do, and Inspiration.


Having all of your ideas, list of things to work on and a collection of inspiration will help to keep you motivated in those times when you sit down to work and stare into space because you have no idea what to work on next (guilty again!).

Oh and another thing. Every item on this list can be bought in one place, Ikea! Saving you even more lovely time.

Below you’ll find everything needed to set up this wonder-desk I’ve been taking about.



1. Bin | .95p |
2. Frame | £4 |
3. Candle Holder | £2 | (use as pen holder!)
4. Chair | £10 |
5. Desk | £22 | (more sizes available)
6. Drawers | £25 |
7. Notice Boards (x3) | £4.50 |
8. File Storage | £7 |
9. Plant Pot | £3 |
10. Orchid | £6.90 |

So, it there anything I’ve missed? What makes a perfect work environment for you? Let’s chat in the comments. 

If you liked this post, let me know and I’ll make more in the future!

2 thoughts on “Pretty and practical at home workspace (for less than £100)

  1. The notice boards are such a good suggestion for keeping track of ideas (all hail the number 3)! Also, I definitely agree with the bin as an essential item – I can’t even deny that I’m guilty of leaving rubbish on the floor, which for me is usually watercolor-stained paper towels (;

    I think we should all go to Ikea. And live there. Forever. Hahahaha *partially serious*

    1. I saw that you’d written about your love of the number 3 in your post the other day and had a little chuckle to myself because I’d just written it in this post. I also love 7’s and symmetry too :D

      I’m in on the moving to ikea plan. I used to think it’s be really cool to get snowed in at ikea and have to sleep there. Lol!

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