Sketchbook doodles – Initial ideas for my children’s book illustrations


These sketches were made in response to the story The House That Sailed Away by Pat Hutchins. As part of my final year project for my degree, I’m creating some illustrations of scenes from the story.

As a starting point for the project, I read the story and sketched anything and everything that came to mind. I find it helpful to get my ideas down on paper, either as a drawing or as text. I’ll use these sketches to generate new ideas going forward.


I think that before I go any further with the illustrations, I need to decide what kind of age range the illustrations will be aimed at. I’ll either create some illustrations aimed at older children, maybe 7 – 12, like the original story (around 7 – 12?) or I’ll adapt the story and aim at a the 5 – 7 age range.


To help me make my decision, I’ll look at some book illustrations and covers from books aimed at younger children and older children and see which appeals the most.


Next on the to-do list:

  • Look at lots of children’s books.
  • Do some research on illustrated books for older children. I want to find out more about the sizes of the books, whether they are printed in colour, image to text ratio, what kinds of illustrative styles are used.
  • Start testing out some possible methods of creating my illustrations.
  • Watch some videos and read some articles by professional illustrators to find out more about the process of creating book illustrations.



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